Seven Ways a Chiropractor Can Help Infants and Children

Nowadays, many people believe that medicine is one of the only ways to improve a growing child’s health. Although medicine has gotten very good over the past century, it’s not the only way to treat common conditions. When people think of a Chiropractor, they typically believe they can only help with back and joint pain. However, it’s been shown that they can help treat a number of other conditions as well. To help you understand how, let me explain the role of your body’s nervous system.

Your nervous system is responsible for carrying out communications between the important systems in the rest of your body. In infants and toddlers, their spine and nervous systems are especially sensitive to falls, chemical toxins in the air and food, and even emotional stress. Over time, these factors can cause their nervous system to become misaligned, which can result in a number of common issues.

Rather than use medicine to treat their symptoms, you can take them to a Webster Certified Pediatric Chiropractor. Webster Certified Chiropractors are licensed and specifically trained to work with babies and toddlers. These chiropractic methods aren’t like the ones you’d experience during an adult appointment. They are very gentle and tailored for a baby’s fragile body.

Not only is it safe and gentle, but it’s also a natural way to improve the function of the nervous system, skeletal system, immune system, and much more. By realigning parts of the body, you can treat many symptoms of the following common issues from the source and further promote your baby’s healthy development.

Colic and Sleep Issues

Colic is defined as a catch-all term to describe babies who cry or fuss (seemingly without a reason) for hours on end in the day or night. There isn’t any known cause, so this makes treating colic quite difficult. However, seeking a pediatric chiropractor for infants has been shown to be highly effective at treating colic and sleep issues. Not only does your baby get a good night’s rest, you will too!


Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a diagnosis that includes your child throwing up excessively, having lingering coughs, and more. When the spine is restricted near the stomach and esophagus, this interference can cause symptoms of GERD. When you seek chiropractic care for your infant with reflux, you can help your child’s body function optimally by removing this interference in their nervous system.


Misalignment in your child’s spine can put pressure on the nerves that are responsible for bowel movements. When no other remedies help your backed up child, chiropractic adjustments can help restore normal bowel movement and ease symptoms of constipation.

Ear Infections

Antibiotics are not always an effective form of treatment for ear infections. Sometimes, it can even lead to a recurring cycle of more ear infections. During birth, your baby’s vertebrae in the neck can become misaligned and disrupt nerve function, which can lead to fluid buildup in the ears. A pediatric chiropractor can help your infant’s body fight ear infections by realigning their spine and restoring nerve function.

Breastfeeding Difficulty

Nursing your baby is vital for healthy development. However, it can be rather frustrating when your baby doesn’t want to nurse. Birth can put a lot of pressure on your baby’s neck and spine, resulting in breastfeeding difficulty. It’s been shown that chiropractic care for babies can help stop nursing difficulties so you can continue nurturing your child in the most natural way.

Torticollis, Hip Dysplasia, and other Structural Issues

As stated before, birth trauma can put your baby’s neck under a lot of stress which can cause many misalignments throughout their body. These conditions can inflict a lot of pain to your baby’s nerves and muscles. Pediatric Chiropractic care is a great alternative and natural way to realign all parts of your baby’s body. This in turn restores mobility and function allows them to develop optimally.

Motor and Speech Delays

Toddlers and young children with developmental delays may show difficulty in motor skills and speech. The root cause of these delays can many times be traced to spinal misalignment. Even if it’s out of place a tiny bit, this can disrupt proper communication in their nervous system, resulting in developmental delays. Regular chiropractic adjustments for your child can help realign their nervous system so all parts of their body can communicate effectively. This can help them grow to their best potential and help prevent or correct motor and speech delays.

Overall, a Chiropractor can treat more than just neck, back, and joint pain. Pediatric Chiropractic care can help treat many common issues in your young child so they can develop to their highest potential.